The Green Park

The Green Park

Green Park is situated across the road from Buckingham Palace, between Hyde Park and St. James’s Park. As all London parks, it used to be covered in marshland. St. James’s Park used to house a big hospital which treated patients with leprosy. When those patients died, they were buried in Green Park, which remained a common practice until mid-16th century. After that, the grounds were closed for the public, becoming the private hunting grounds of Henry VIII. Numerous fireworks, mostly dedicated to the Royal Family and other nobles, took place in the park in 18th century.

In the 18th century, many duels took place in Green Park, and it was also used by many criminals as a hiding place. As opposed to its neighboring parks, Green Park contains no lakes, no villas, no playgrounds, but it does contain many memorable monuments from the post-war era:

  • The Canadian Pierre Granche Monument
  • The Diana of the Treetops Fountain, created by artist Estcourt J. Clack
  • The Bombing Command Memorial, a work by Philip Jackson.
Today, the Green Park is a peaceful and safe haven which visitors can walk around in.

Open hours of Green Park
The park is open every day from 5am to 12pm.

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