The Relay of Youth

The Relay of Youth

Every 25th May Tivat celebrates "The Day of the Youth". This date is known in Yugoslav history as the birthday of the former Yugoslav President - Joseph Broz Tito. During the existence of the SFR Yugoslavia, while Tito was alive, the entire nation celebrated this day. The event is held on the city's waterfront and gathers about 5,000 visitors each year. At the beginning of the event, the former national anthem of Yugoslavia "Hey Slovenians" is performed, followed by a rich cultural and entertaining program, various sports competitions, with a "relay" passing through several Montenegrin cities and finally arriving in Tivat. The relay is made of olive wood, it symbolizes peace and is carried by high school and college students.
The event brings together a large number of people from the Yugoslav states, as well as guests from abroad who used to love and respect Yugoslavia. The event runs until late in the evening.

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