How to reach the airport

How to reach the airport

The main airport in Marrakech is called Menara Airport. It is only 6km away from the city. Considering that Marrakech is a very popular destination among tourists, about 4 million passengers pass through this airport every year. There are two terminals at the airport, Terminal A and Terminal B. Terminal B is reserved for low-cost flights.

Since the airport is close to the city, then the best option for you is to take a taxi. Here you can have a potential problem with the driver if you do not agree on the price in advance because very often they don’t turn on the taximeter, and it’s not worth it to bargain when you get to the hotel. Arrange in advance and keep in mind that you should not pay more than 10 - 12 euros for the ride. Of course, take into account that you also have luggage.

Another option is to arrange in advance to be sent a taxi from the hotel where you will be staying. Of course, always ask in advance for the price.

The third option is to take a bus. There are bus lines that run from the airport to the main bus station but this is not exactly the best option considering that the distance is short and that you will then have to haul suitcases from the bus station to the hotel.

photo credit: Mostapha Abidour

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