The Public Transport

The Public Transport

When we talk about public transport in Marrakech, we must immediately tell you that you don’t need it. The hotels where you will stay are mostly located near the city center, i.e. meddina. From there, all the tourist attractions of the city are a few hundred meters to 2 km away, which allows you to easily go by foot.

Public transport in Marrakech is mostly by bus and is quite cheap, but buses are very often full, especially when people go to work or return home, and you can't even rely on the timetable, so we advise you to walk. That way you will get to know the whole city, which is not big.

in Marrakech you can also take a taxi. There are two types, "small taxis" for driving around the city center or "big taxis" which are mostly taken for excursions and visits to attractions outside the city. Note that you should negotiate the price before you get into a taxi, so you will be sure in advance what price you will pay at the end of the trip. It often happens that the taxi driver does not turn on the taximeter and that an unpleasant surprise awaits you later, i.e. the amount you have to pay. That is why it is best to agree on everything in advance.

photo credit: Issy Bailey

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