The Avenue of Liberty

The Avenue of Liberty

The Avenue of Liberty (Avenida da Liberdade) is a boulevard for those with deep pockets. It is located in the central part of the city and is considered the most expensive shopping street in the city. The street was built in 1879 on the model of Parisian avenues and since then it has been recognized on the map as the most luxurious place to shop. Freedom Avenue is characterized by high fashion, exceptional leather goods, great jewelry and beautiful scents, good restaurants, cocktail bars, cafes. It exudes finesse.

Embassies, diplomatic headquarters, theater and hotels are also located in this street. The length of the avenue is 1100m and it’s 90 meters wide, with traffic lanes and pedestrian zones. Freedom Avenue is a link between Marquis of Pombal Square and Restauradores Square. It is known to the public only as an "avenue".

Some of the earlier buildings that were in this boulevard were demolished, in order to build new and more modern ones, and offices and hotels were made of them. Some of the buildings are a mirror of architecture from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 21st century. It contains numerous monuments and statues dedicated to historical figures, writers, composers and fallen fighters in World War I. The sidewalks are paved with traditional Portuguese tiles and give a special charm to this boulevard, with tree lines and beautifully arranged grass areas in certain parts. It is a pleasure to walk through this part, so even if you do not plan to buy anything, this is an avenue that you should go through and inhale some other scent of the city.

The avenue is a place of luxury and exclusive shopping and highly rated hotels. Just some of the fashion brands you will find here are Dior, Versace, Balmain, Gucci, Givenchy, Ives Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Tod's, Burberry, Chanel, Cartier, LaCoste, etc. You can book your accommodation in hotels recognized around the world, such as Sofitel, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts and Fontecruz Hotel. The avenue also houses the world-famous Hard Rock Cafe, as well as numerous luxury restaurants.

In these restaurants, the service is excellent and at a high level, while the interiors are very nicely decorated, they look luxurious and stylish. In addition to the restaurant, in this street you will find cafe bars and a couple of great cocktail bars that are very popular.

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