Rua Garrett

Rua Garrett

Rua Garrett - Chiado represents the old part of Lisbon which is known for its main shopping streets and is considered a famous shopping area in the capital of Portugal. What makes the experience special are the shops located in ancient buildings. Here, shops, cafes, pharmacies, bookstores and other shops bear the crown of old Lisbon and their architecture and ambience have changed very little compared to before.

In Rua Garrett, as the main street of Chiado and the side street of Rua Carmo, you will feel the spirit of more than half a century ago when many shops in this part were founded. The authenticity of these shopping places helps you create a clear picture of what Lisbon once looked like and what the spirit of the past was like.

Rua Garrett is considered to be one of the most important shopping streets in this city and was named after the writer Almeida Garretti. And this street used to be a place where artists and intellectuals met, and today it is a favorite place where money is spent. The oldest bookstore in the world, Livraria Bertrand, is located here and testifies to what this place used to be like.

The streets are paved with traditional Portuguese tiles, black and white, surrounded by charming buildings with interesting facades. One of the most notable shops is the Pequeno Jardim florist, a typical old Lisbon florist that still works very well today. The flower shop captivates all visitors, and for romantic souls, it is important to take a photo here. Another significant older store is the household goods store, which has been open since 1888. The typical old Portuguese ambience also includes the store of the Spanish brand Tous, opened in 2012, where the interior has remained intact. The jeweler "Ourivesaria Alianca" was located there 100 years ago, and its name still stands above the entrance. The space is royal and is a favorite place to see when it comes to this street. This space will delight you, it has an amazing interior.

Also, another very interesting store in the old style is "Paris in Lisbon", a store for household goods and for buying gifts. Here you can find towels and bed linen made of Portuguese cotton, soap, and various other household items. It was opened in 1888 and a few years after opening, it became a store that was a supplier to the royal house of Queen D. Amelia.

It is mandatory to have a drink in the Brasileira café in Rua Garrett.

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