The Carmo Street

The Carmo Street

Rua do Carmo is a very likeable steep street with cobblestones where people like to walk and shop, although there is a slight ascent or descent. It is located in the central part of Lisbon, and takes you from the Chiado district of Lisbon to the central district of Baixa. Along it are numerous shops of well-known brands, some of which have been there since before, and some of which have been opened in recent times. Street musicians add to the atmosphere and make it more lively compared to some other streets in Lisbon. And sometimes, you can see street vendors selling jewelry, small decorations or paintings.

It is a pedestrian zone, it is not long and we can say that it belongs to one of the shorter streets in the city, but it is certainly one of the most popular and visited. You will often hear that this is one of the more modern streets in Lisbon. In addition to shops, there are unusual cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, souvenirs and the like.

Rua do Carmo also hides a very characteristic store, which bears the title of the smallest store in the world. A store of handmade gloves that never go out of fashion. Opened in the 1920s, it can only accommodate 2-3 people. Another beautiful story about the old shop in this street concerns the former perfumery, and today's Nespresso.

In 1909, a perfumery called Au Bonheur des Dames was opened in Rua do Carmo, the same name still standing on the facade today. The name of the perfumery changed in 1917 to Perfumaria da Moda. Although the appearance of the perfumery was disrupted during the fire in Chiado in 1988, the facade was restored to its original appearance. After that, it became the Emporio Chiado clothing store, and today it is Nespresso. The place is one of the favorites to see because it has an old glow.

What is interesting for all visitors is the old truck, located at the beginning of Rua do Carmo, known as Fado - a green car, which plays the constant sounds of Fado music. You ou can buy a CD with Fado music here. Some of the recognizable brands you can find here are Zara, Zara home, H&M, and there is also Footlocker, Nespresso, numerous souvenir shops and some typical Portuguese stores.

We recommend the ice cream in the Santini store, this is considered to be the best ice cream in town.
The Santa Justa Lift is also nearby.

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