Metro in Lisbon

Metro in Lisbon

Metro or Subway was opened in Lisbon in 1959, although a large branched network is still expanding and building. The Lisbon metro has 4 lines, blue, yellow, green, red and of all the means of public transport, it is the most used. The metro is the best option for a quick arrival from point A to point B or C. The metro starts to work in the morning at 6.30am to 1am. In addition to being the fastest mode of transportation, it is the easiest and cheapest. The one-way metro costs around € 2.00. Daily ticket is € 6.50. Return ticket by funicular - € 5.00.

Lisbon also has a railway, which runs outside the city and includes further urban and suburban areas. The railway is often used when traveling from Lisbon to Estoril and Cascais, two cities to which one often travels from Lisbon on day trips. In Lisbon, there is a lot of use of the ferry that travels along the river Tagus and has several stations along the river. The two most popular ferry lines in Lisbon are Terreiro do Paco to Montojo and Terreiro do Paco to Barreiro. The price of a one-way ferry is € 2.75, return is € 5.50.

Apart from the locals, the ferry is also used by tourists for unforgettable and cheap river rides. The most popular ferry terminal is BELEM, which crosses the river and stops at two locations on the other side of the coast. This line is popular and short, the ride takes about 15 minutes, a one-way ticket costs € 1.50.

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