Sargan Eight Railroad

Sargan Eight Railroad

A ride on the Sargan Eight Railroad will take you on a trip through the past. While sitting on those wooden benches, you will have a chance to observe the incredible landscape of this part of Serbia, to learn about its history and the incredible engineering accomplishment it once represented.

Sargan Eight was a part of a narrow railroad (width 760 millimeters) which was to connect two main railroads constructed by two countries: Serbia (from Belgrade to Mokra Gora) and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire (from Dubrovnik to Visegrad). The construction of this connecting railroad started during the First World War, by the occupational Austro-Hungarian forces, only to be abandoned soon afterwards. During the construction of one tunnel, it collapsed killing 200 Russian and Italian war prisoners (prisoners forced to work on the railroad).
In 1922, when the work on the railroad continued, engineers were faced with a huge problem of bypassing a large altitude difference between the two railroads. For this reason, the authorities turned to an Austro-Hungarian war prisoner who was sentenced to life and to whom liberty had been promised in case he managed to solve the problem. Even though he managed to solve the problem, one day, two teams in charge of digging a tunnel failed to meet as expected and he committed a suicide. Those two teams met the next day.
Sargan Eight railroad is considered an engineering masterpiece of the time, since it managed to connect two railroads and bypass 300 meters of altitude difference. The unique solution was to use rails that would form a shape of the number 8 (a figure that allowed overcoming the altitude difference), so it draws admiration of numerous visitors even today.
This railway track was in use for almost half a century. Steam locomotives pulled trains from Belgrade to Dubrovnik (nowadays in Croatia). In 1974, this railway track was abandoned, since it was considered unprofitable and obsolete. During 90’s, the reconstruction of this track started due to the persistence of the local population. Today, this track represents a touristic attraction that is visited by numerous tourists each year.
The Train of Nostalgia (the train that nowadays operates on this track) stops at four train stations in total: Mokra Gora (the starting station), Jatare, Golubici and Sargan Vitasi. Each of these previously mentioned stations are beautiful viewpoints, from where you can enjoy picturesque landscapes of this part of Serbia.
(!) On the station Mokra Gora there are several restaurants where one can try out traditional Serbian cuisine at affordable prices.

Ticket prices for the Sargan Eight train ride
Regular ticket price is 600 RSD.
Reduced ticket price is 300 RSD (children between 6 and 14 years of age).
Free ticket: children under the age of 6.
(!) The train operates from spring to autumn, depending on the weather conditions. It is recommended to book a ticket the at the phone number: 00 381 31 510 288. For any additional information you can visit the website of the Sargan Eight train.

Working hours of the Sargan Eight train
Working hours of the call center for booking a ticket is from 7:00 to 15:00h.
The working hours of the train station Mokra Gora is from 08:00 to 18:00h.
Timetable: The train leaves the station Mokra gora only at 08:00h, 10:30h, 13:30h and 16:10h.

Interesting facts

  • This small section of railway tracks passes over 5 bridges and through 22 tunnels which makes it a unique railway track in Europe.
  • During the shooting of the film “Life is a Miracle” of Emir Kusturica, a special train station was built- Golubici. Today, it became a regular station of the Nostlgia train.

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