Wine tasting

Wine tasting

Ljubljana Wine Tasting is an open-air festival. At first it was held in November, after the grape harvest, but the event has become so popular that it is now held in June as well.

It is possible to enjoy the best aromas of wine on the streets of Ljubljana twice a year. The festival in June is held until late in the evening due to the longer duration of the day and warmer weather. A large number of wine producers from Slovenia set up stalls around the city, where they offer their good wines by pouring them into glasses, at a price of € 1.00. A deposit of € 10.00 is paid for the glasses used, in case of loosing or breaking them. To anyone who does not want to pay € 10.00 unnecessarily it is recommended to bring their own glass.

In addition to wine tasting, it is possible to trade wine on the counters, and it is offered in red, rosé and white. Along with wine, the farmers bring and sell domestic products from Slovenia, such as cheese, prosciutto, sausages.

Mulled wine can also be tasted in November. With good wine, music and friends, this event is a "must see" if the road takes you to Ljubljana. In addition to the standard price of € 1.00, wine can be more expensive, and it all depends on the harvest (the older the better) and the producer.

Author of the aricle:

Bojana Pantić - our correspondent for Ljubljana

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