The Film Festivals

The Film Festivals

Many famous movies were filmed in royal Vienna, both the Yugoslav ones and foreign movies. The movie “Third Man”, the movie trilogy “Sissi” were filmed there, and even James Bond came to Vienna for the purposes of making the movie “Mission Impossible”. Directors find this city attractive and inspirational, and movie lovers can see these movies at different places, such as cinema halls, old cinemas, romantic cinemas “under the stars” and the city is famous for its movie festivals, which are held there during the year.

On this website, you can find a list of all cinemas in Vienna, and here there are movies with German subtitles. Here you have Turkish movies, Serbian, French and Italian, and everything is adapted for the audience who talks in and reads German. Some of the most famous Viennese cinemas are: Cineplexx Milenium City, Megaplex im Gasometer, TOP Kino, Artis International and others. Cinemas are usually in the city centre, in beautiful buildings, but also in the shopping malls and outside the city.
When the weather is good during summer, you can watch movies under the stars, which is one of the most beautiful attractions in the city.

Movies are played in parks, at main smaller squares, in front of the Rathaus and similar locations, which is very romantic. Some of these cinemas are: Kino am Dach, which is really is on a roof. The ticket price ranges from 9 euros for students and pupils and 10 euros for adults. On this roof, movies are played in June and July starting at 21h, in August at 20.30h and in September at 20h.
Other cinemas in an open space are: Kino wie noch (A cinema like never before) and the summer cinema “Arena”. “A cinema like never before” is not on a rooftop, but it is under the sky, surrounded by trees in the city centre, so that a visitor has the feeling that they are somewhere far away. You can buy a ticket on this website, also book your seat and take a look at what kind of movies this cinema under the stars offers.
The Summer Film Festival is held under the sky at Rathaus Square, which has existed for the last thirty years and is very popular. On the huge canvas in front of the town hall Rathaus, guests and hosts can enjoy the free videos of operas and different musical concerts, as soon as it gets dark outside. This program lasts from Friday to Sunday, from 11h to midnight. The film festival at the same place lasts for nearly two months. It always starts at the beginning of July. This film festival in front of the Rathaus is one of the largest manifestations, which includes the manifestations related to food and different culinary specialties and skills.
On this website you can find all important information and buy or book a ticket

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photo credit: Azazello

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