Taxi in Split

Taxi in Split

In Split, taxi stands are located on every corner. If you decide for this mode of transport, you must pay attention to two things: the first is that you only use the services of a taxi association, not private individuals where the fare is twice as expensive, maybe even three. The other thing is then that taxi associations do not keep the same prices, so try to find a taxi consistent with your ability to pay.The price of one of the holdings in the summer period is 20 kuna start, each additional kilometer 10 kuna, luggage, per piece, 3 kuna. In winter, the starting price is 6 kuna, each additional kilometer 8 kuna, while luggage is not charged.

The price of transport from the city center to the airport in Split in the summer period is from 280 to 300 kuna and in the winter period from 180 to 200 kuna

Author of the article

Ana Lazarević - correspondent for Split
Contact: [email protected]

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