Park Eduardo VII

Park Eduardo VII

Eduardo VII Park - This grand 25-hectare green park stretches outside the city center, from Freedom Avenue and Pombal Square to the city center. King Edward VII of England visited Portugal in 1903 in order to strengthen the state relations between Great Britain and Portugal. Before that, this park was called Freedom Park, and after 1945, the park was restored as it looks today. On the north side of the park you can see the grandiose flag of Portugal, which is also the largest flag in the world. A book fair is held in this green park every year, and there is also a greenhouse of 2 hectares, with plants from all over the world.

The park has landscaped hiking trails, which are lined with tall trees, very nicely landscaped and maintained lawns and a beautiful view of the bay in front of Lisbon. This is the largest park in the city. The park is located on a small hill and therefore has a beautiful sea view. The park is suitable for running, rest, picnics, individual and group exercise. You can often see visitors who enjoy themselves here, fitness groups who exercise in the park, families with children or business friends who use the park during a break at work. Architect Keil do Amaral was in charge of the appearance of the park.

There is an old sports pavilion in the park built in 1932, called the "Carlos Lopez" pavilion, after the famous Portuguese athlete. Of course, the bust of Edward VII, after which the park is named, can also be seen, as well as the monument dedicated to the revolution that took place on April 25. The park is suitable for children because of a playground, for couples in love because of the lookout, and for athletes there is a "Club VII", which has tennis courts, swimming pools, gym and restaurant.

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