Parking in Ljubljana

Parking in Ljubljana

Like any capital, Ljubljana is a city that offers a lot of parking spaces, and the prices are relatively affordable. The good news is that in Ljubljana, on Sundays and during public holidays, parking is free of charge. Ljubljana is a safe city, it rarely happens that someone's car get stolen. But in any case, do not leave valuables items in the car.

In Ljubljana parking is charged from 7am to  7pm, on Saturdays until 3pm.. However, you should always check what is indicated on the parking signs for the area where you leave the car. Tariffs vary depending on the location and length of parking. There are three parking zones.

There are also a large number of private parking lots and parking garages in Ljubljana. It is possible to park in the city center for a short time. You have parking ticket machines and when you buy a ticket you need to put it in the car in a visible place. These machines do not return change, so it is good to have coins for parking. It is possible to park for half an hour, an hour or two hours, depending on what is indicated on the parking board.

 If you go to the city center, there are parking lots that are designed to make it easier for you to access the city center with the help of buses. Leave the car in the parking lot of the P + R facility and then use the bus to the center. By purchasing a parking ticket within the P + R facilities, you get two bus tickets valid for the day of purchasing the parking ticket, the price is 1.20 eur.

The parking ticket can be taken on the parking machines and with the help of the Val payment system or the Urbana city card, the Urbana SMS-Parking or the Urbana mobile application.

Parking prices are from € 0.60 to € 1.20, depending on which zone you are in. In parking garages, the price for two hours is around € 1.50

Some of the parking lots and parking garages where you can park are Parking Congress Square, Garage House Ambrose Square, Tivoli, and a list of all places with all the information about the number of parking spaces and exact locations can be found on this website: / car-parking-spaces /

Author of the article:

Bojana Pantić - our correspondent for Ljubljana

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