Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti Hill is a park that stands out for its beautiful viewpoint on the Golden Horn. This view is worth coming to this place. There are two ways to get to the hill, by easy and very pleasant walk or by cable car. Our recommendation is to choose a walk in one direction, and use the cable car in the other.

The top of the hill is truly magical, the view is amazing, and you can enjoy the scenery from the bars located on the hill. Pieere Loti hill does not represent a significant park, it would rather be said that this is a forest, i.e. a large green area, with a perfect view of the city. Also known for the oldest and largest cemetery in Istanbul, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the hill, at the foot.

The view is magnificent both during the day and when the night lights of Istanbul are turned on, although the tourist is also distinguished by watching the magical sunset from the hill. Local residents often gather at this place enjoying a cup of Turkish homemade coffee or tea.

The hill is located in the town of Ejupi, and was named after the French writer Pierre Loti, who lived in this town in the 1870s. While visiting the hill, you can also visit the Eyup Sultan Mosque. The mosque was built in the 19th century. The mosque houses the tomb of the follower of the Prophet Muhammad, Abu Ayub al-Ansari. He died during the attack on Constantinople in the seventh century by the Arab people.

  • Take a peek at the places frequented by locals and experience Istanbul from a different angle.
  • Transportation: by tram to Eiupsultan station (you can walk to the hill, take a taxi or cable car)
  • Free entry.
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Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

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