Sri Lanka:

Hikkaduwa lagoon and fish therapy

Hikkaduwa lagoon and fish therapy

Visiting a Hikkaduwa lagoon and fish therapy is a lovely experience. Once our visitors arrive to the lagoon, they will have to search for the local catamaran owners as they are the ones who can take you to the lagoon ride. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful break while they are watching numerous birds and iguanas in their natural habitat. They will also have the opportunity to see an old Buddhist temple, visit cinnamon island and visit the fish farm where they can dip their toes in a large pool, relax and let the fish do the rest.

Normally families rent their own catamarans and our visitors must haggle about the price. If our visitors stay in Hikkaduwa they can rent a tuk tuk that will take them directly to the lagoon. Tuk tuk drivers often offer a whole day experience. They would take you to see the tsunami museum, the turtle farm, the Hikkaduwa Buddha temple dedicated to the victims of tsunami and the visit to lagoon. We have been offered different prices, as for everything in Sri Lanka, from 1600 LRK to 4000 LRK.

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