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Turtle farm in Hikkaduwa

Turtle farm in Hikkaduwa

Turtle farm in Hikkaduwa or Sea Turtle Hatchery & Rescue Center is a small and yet a very nice turtle farm and rescue center. Here visitors may see turtle eggs which are safely buried in the sand hatchery. It usually takes two days for eggs to hatch. Turtles are held really gently with great attention to their proper development so that they can later be safely released into the sea where they can live in their natural habitat. This is the reason why here visitors can see  turtles in many different sizes; turtles need to grow in order to be released and continue living on their own.
Regrettably, visitors will also be able to see turtles with mutilated bodily parts sadly, for instance without forelegs or hind legs . This bodily harm is normally afflicted by boat engines. Once they lose one of their limbs, turtles get off balance and it takes quite some time till they recover in order to have full body command the same as prior to the accident. This is why this farm is also considered to be a unique shelter that helps disabled turtles to find their body balance and sustain their lives.

Many turtles died, in previous decades, because they inadvertently swallowed plastic bags, thinking that those were jelly fish. Sri Lankan government has recently imposed severe measures against those who discard plastic bags into the ocean. The measures actually worked and there  has been a decline in the number of turtles that died this way as of recent.
Turtle farm in Hikkaduwa is also a place where one can see the turtles, get to know them but also learn a lot about these divine animals. The guides actually raise awareness of the importance of sea life and all beings that live inside it.

Ticket price for a turtle farm in Hikkaduwa
The ticket price for a turtle farm in Hikkaduwa is 500 LRK per person.

Working hours for a turtle farm in Hikkaduwa
The Turtle farm in Hikkaduwa is open every day from 9:00am to 6:00 pm

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