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Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka

Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka

Udawalawe National Park is located 200 km south-east from Colombo. This national park lies on 308 km2 and is home to approximately 400 elephants. This is the best national park in Sri Lanka if visitors are interested in seeing the elephants in a close up view. The safari normally starts early in the morning.

It is highly likely to see elephant herds all year long and sometimes you can witness a herd of elephants batheing together in the wild. The park is sparsely vegetated and is lacking in  dense vegetation which makes it much easier to spot the animals.  Since Udawalawe is less popular place than Yala, it is also less crowded which makes safari experience more enjoyable. Udawalawe is open for safaris all year long even during the dry season, from September to October, when the water level is the lowest. However, if our visitors wish to spot elephants, we would advise them to come from October when the rainy season starts.

In Udawalawe National Park visitors shall have the opportunity to see 33 reptile species, 184 bird species, numerous butterflies, mammals, deer, water buffalos, crocodiles and peacocks. They also may see a leopard but this only occurs on rare occasions.

If we need to compare the two safaris, Udawalawe safari and Yala safari, we would advise you to do both. Yala safari tends to be more crowded but the chances to see a leopard is much higher. While in Udawalawe safari visitors will see a herd of elephants, many baby elephants and even maybe their collective bath. In both cases, make sure you get the right jeep driver and just make yourself comfortable.

The ticket for Dawahare National Park
The ticket price for Udawalawe National Park is 3000 LRK per person.
The price for the jeep and the driver (up to 6 persons) is 4400 LRK. The jeep can be collected at the entrance to the park so no need to book in advance.

Working hours of Udawalawe National Park
Udawalawe National Park is open every day from 6:00 am to 6:00pm

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