Sri Lanka:

Spice garden in Sri Lanka

Spice garden in Sri Lanka

Spice gardens are quite numerous in Sri Lanka. One may find them on each part of the island. But, why should you visit them? The reason is rather simple. Visitors can see the plants and smell the fragrance of numerous spices and herbs that they had no opportunity to see and feel before.

At the entrance into the spice garden there will be a guide waiting for you. Guides are usually young ayurvedic doctors or they are at their final year of studies. Guides will guide you through incredible gardens where the spices and herbs are grown. You will be able to see how a plant of each spice looks like, how demanding  the cultivation is and what  exact growing conditions for each herb are. Cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, jasmin, peppercorn, various pepper spices, curcuma are just a few spice names that you will be able to see and feel its fragrance. Visitors will also have the opportunity to test various ayurvedic products, made in Sri Lanka, and to even try some of the healing treatments.

The trip finishes with the visit to a spice show where we must say prices for ayurvedic products are quite high. Instead, visitors can also find these products in small shops and even in Keels supermarkets in most probably every city.

The admission to space gardens is free of charge. However, visitors should leave a tip for the guide as they literally spend an hour to apply themselves to each visitor.
Visitors will also have the opportunity to taste a delicious cup of tea during the visit.

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