The Mountain Velež

The Mountain Velež

Velež Mountain - since winter is coming and the season of skiing and winter games, if you decide to visit the city of Mostar for that period, definitely go to Velež Mountain, one of the two most famous mountains in Mostar. It was named after the Slavic god Veles. It is an ideal place for climbers, cliff walks and ecotourism. The western side is the easiest way to the top of Mount Velež, whose altitude is 1958 meters. The largest peak of the mentioned 1958 meters is called Botin, then Teleć lastva 1905 meters high, Brasina 1897 meters and Vlačuga 1754 meters above sea level. If you go west, it is inevitable to take a look at the two beautiful rivers that look even more beautiful from that height, the Buna and the Neretva.

The coldest winters and the warmest summers are in this part of the region. Foreigners, tourists will be especially delighted, especially those who love hunting, walking, because the ambience and every price of this mountain area leaves you breathless. We don't need to talk about clean and fresh air because it is said to be as sweet as honey because it mixes with the Neretva River. The first region in Bosnia and Herzegovina to support ecotourism is the Podveležje region. From the south, Velež passes into a plateau called Podveležje.

This karst area is sparsely populated and almost uncultivated. It stretches along the sunny side with an altitude of 500 to 1200 meters. Its rocks date back to Mesozoic times. In 1922, the most famous club FK VELEŽ was named after the mountain Velež. There is a legend related to this mountain which says that Velež has a mythical status and that 7 or 77 villas are hidden in the mountain itself, which only a special group can find. A couple of endemic species grow on Velež and in the area of ​​Podveležje there are numerous tumuli, stone circles, the so-called Greek wells, etc. Velež is 13 km long.

Mount Velež is about 30 kilometers away from Mostar. It is best to go to it with an organized group by bus or car, but if you are alone and decide to visit it, then in Mostar when you go from the center at the first roundabout you go out at the first exit and about 20 minutes after the roundabout you go left. You continue northwest some 10 kilometers to reach the mountain. In any case, my warm recommendation is organized transportation that leads directly to the mountain or someone who has already been so that he knows the way, because if you go to this mountain for the first time, be sure to turn on mobile navigation and leave early to spend the rest of the day enjoying Velež.

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