The Hill Hum

The Hill Hum

Hum Hill - Hum is a hill located above Mostar at 436 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by Čekrk, Donja Mahala, Panjevina, Zahum, Donji and Gornji Vukodol and Privorac. Hum has always been of strategic importance. In the action of occupying Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878, Austro-Hungary occupied Mostar without any struggle. First she took Hum and then Mostar. Along the access road there are still bunkers from World War II.

Due to his large role in the Homeland War, he is still not safe to move. Numerous inactivated mines and explosives remained and this is the most dangerous area mined in the vicinity of Mostar near Podveležje. The Millennium Cross is a Roman Catholic cross on the hill of Hum erected as a symbol of the jubilee of two thousand years of Christianity, whence its name. It was also erected as a symbol of the suffering and misery that this city has gone through in history. It is 33 meters high and is the largest cross in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is visible from every part of Mostar. This height is intended because Jesus Christ was so old at the time of the crucifixion. It is a place of pilgrimage on Good Friday by the Way of the Cross to Hum.

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