Mostar Peace Bell Tower

Mostar Peace Bell Tower

Peace Bell Tower - This is a new tourist attraction for Mostar from which you can see a graph from a bird's eye view. along the old bridge will surely become a favorite place of tourists. The realization of the second phase of construction - the International Gallery of Peace - is underway. So far, two sculptures and paintings have been donated by Croatia, Greece and Italy. now donations are expected from other countries that have an embassy in BiH, "said Fr. Iko Skoko.

Thus, today the bell tower of the Franciscan Church of the city of Mostar received an elevator that will allow citizens and tourists to climb to the lookout at a height of 75 meters from where a view of the city at the foot of Velež. Fr. Iko Skoko, the guardian of the Franciscan monastery, is responsible for this idea. He said that this is only the first phase and the works are continuing, the second phase is the arrangement of the international peace gallery and the third is the education center. The Mostar Peace Bell Tower is actually an idea of ​​the Franciscans to promote peace and reconciliation, and it is even more important because it is on the former war line of separation in the conflicts between the Army of the Republic of BiH and the Croatian Defense Council.

The architect of the Mostar bell tower is Davor Smoljan. It is 107.20 meters high and the height of the lookout is 75 meters. 370 steps lead to the lookout point next to the elevator. From the ground floor to the first floor, an international peace gallery will be set up, where works on the theme of "peace" will be exhibited. these plans have been forged since 2016. 251,820 kilograms of iron were needed for its construction and 5,750 tons of concrete were installed. For the construction phase of the International Peace Gallery, the ambassadors were asked to bring a picture of the statue or a sculpture on the theme of peace. The Mostar Peace Bell Tower was officially opened on August 8, 2016

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