The Nesuh-Aga Vucjakovic Mosque

The Nesuh-Aga Vucjakovic Mosque

The Nesuh-aga Vučjaković Mosque or the Lipo Mosque is located on the left bank of the Neretva in Mostar. Its founder is Nesuh aga Vucjakovic. In 1559 he was the dizdar of the Ljubuški fortress. The mosque was built in 1564, and in 1941 it was closed and turned into a warehouse, which was abandoned very quickly. It was built in the Ottoman old Constantinople style, which is distinguished by a one-room prayer space with a dome, an external porch and a slender minaret leaning against the right building.

Elements of Mediterranean architecture are painted on window frames, consoles, capitals, portals that reveal the style of Gothic and Romanticism. The interior of the dome is painted and consists of a central rosette and cornices that descend to a stone circular profile on a tambour. The horizontal bar depicts the end of this image. Contour brown drawings, red and blue, can be seen from the colors. The painting is very decorative painted on a plaster background. The harem of the mosque was turned into a martyr's cemetery during the war.

In the harem itself, the Turkish krehe Mehmed age Krehe was placed. The minaret is 25 meters high. In 2004, it was declared a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is special for the influence of the Mediterranean coastal areas on the building itself.

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