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Villa d’Este in Cernobbio

Villa d’Este in Cernobbio

Villa d’Este is considered one of the most beautiful buildings from the architectural point of view. It was built in  the 16th century by a famous Italian architect Pellegrino Pellegrini, also known as “Tibaldi”. The construction of the villa started following the wish of Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio.
The Villa’s garden covers the surface of 10ha and visitors, apart from the plants and trees that come from all over the world, may thoroughly enjoy true art masterpieces such as: Nymphaeum made by Pellegrini, Hercules fountain and the Temple of Telemaco.

Inside the villa there are numerous master pieces that belonged to the Canova School and decorations made by Andrea Appiani.
Gardens of Villa d’Este are considered to be the most beautiful ones built in Baroque style.
The villa’s fame has gone a long way, and even the Sultan of Morocco expressed a desire to visit Villa d’Este in 1615, as he did not truly believe the voices who spread the word  about the villa’s beauty.
Magazine Forbes declared Villa d’Este as the best hotel in the world for the year 2009.

Villa’s gardens are open to public only if previously booked at the Hotel Villa d’Este reception.
Gardens of Villa d’Este are open from March to November.
Please contact Hotel Villa d’Este for any further information and bookings.

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