Aurora Borealis – polar lights

Aurora Borealis – polar lights

Aurora Borealis – northern lights - Aurora borealis is the sky that shines at night, usually in the polar zones. In the north it is called Aurora Borealis and you can enjoy this exceptional phenomenon from certain parts of Norway. A visible magic that provides a phenomenal and unforgettable experience.

A tour with tourist guides should be scheduled in advance. The tour starts in front of Nordre gate 11. There are several stops along the way. For these trips, you need to wear very warm clothes and shoes and don't forget the camera in order to capture this special phenomenon. There is always the possibility that the Aurora Borealis will not be seen, but guides carefully follow the northern lights prognosis, and it is rare for you to be deprived of it.

  • This trip is only available during the Polar Light season, from September to March.
  • The price is 150 € per person.
  • Trips can be booked from Monday to Thursday and they are realized after 9 pm.
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