The Boat ride - river Nidelva

The Boat ride - river Nidelva

You cannot experience Norway and its cities if you do not look at them from a sea or river perspective. The unique experience of driving on the Nidelva River is an unavoidable part when visiting Trondheim. You have to feel the Nidelva River, the whole history flows through it. The sunset you will witness will be magical. There are local guides on the boats who lead daily tours telling you about the city, introducing you to its history, culture and intriguing characters.

The Nidelva River flows through the heart of the city and eventually flows into the neighboring Trondheim Fjord. By boat you will see most of the sights including the Ravnkloa fish market, the canal area and the old harbor, the colorful piers of Brygerekka and the old town bridge with red portals of happiness.

If you are in Trondheim in winter, you can book a boat tour to enjoy the "northern lights". You will enjoy this beautiful natural phenomenon. On some boats you will have a blanket, hot chocolate or coffee. We recommend the boat Frøya - named after the Norwegian goddess of love and Captain Aamanda.

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Sightseeing of the river Nidelva and Trondheimsfjord:
Price: 1 hour: Minigroup 1-3 Persons: 220 €; 4-24 Persons: 55 € per room
Price: 1.5 hour: Minigroup 1-3 Persons: 260 € - 4-24 Persons: 65 € per person
10% discount for families with children under 18.

Prices include a private boat tour, personal history of Trondheim, hot drinks (coffee / tea / hot chocolate) served on board as well as pirated chocolate for children.

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