Botanical Garden NTNU Ringve

Botanical Garden NTNU Ringve

You must meet the charm of the Ringve Botanical Garden! The Ringve Botanical Garden was founded as a university garden in 1973. It is located next to the Ringve Museum and occupies over 130 hectares of land on Ladehalvøya in Trondheim. It is run by the NTNU Night Museum. Herbs in the garden are a living collection used to research endangered plants. Also, the garden conveys knowledge about the diversity and importance of plants for humans and animals.

Beautiful in appearance and decoration, it represents an exhibition and a scientific collection at the same time. Here you can enjoy beautiful flowers, a variety of plants, trees and shrubs. Maybe in Ringve you will find inspiration for your garden.

Botanical garden consists of several parts. Some of them: Arboretum, Renaissance park, historical park, systematic garden, ornamental garden, etc. The arboretum consists of forest trees and shrubs, while the systematic garden illustrates the lines of evolution of flowering plants. The Renaissance Garden is a vegetable garden with a local history from 1694 and the historical park is an old village garden in Ringve and dates from the mid-1800s. These are just some of the parts of this beautiful park.

The garden is always open and admission is free.

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