Kristiansten Fortress

Kristiansten Fortress

Kristiansten Fortress - If you want to experience the magical view of Trondheim, Kristiansten Fortress is the ideal place to do so! Kristiansten Fortress is located on the east side of the city on the Erlandshaugen hill and is named after Christian V from Denmark-Norway. Construction began after the city fire in Trondheim in 1681, and was completed in 1685. After the fire, King Christian V issued an order to build a new city and a development plan, and for the Kristiansten fortress to prevent the enemy from destroying the city.

The fortress served as a very good protection of the city until 1816, when it was closed as a military facility. Although the fortress was never directly attacked, during 1718 it suffered heavy sieges by Swedish forces. Today, however, it serves as the best-preserved 17th-century landmark where you will learn more about the history of Trondheim. The dungeon is visible from almost every part of the city.

The fortress is protected by the Law on Cultural Heritage from November 10, 2014.

The entrace if FREE OF CHARGE.

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