The house of an old vine

The house of an old vine

The House of the Old Vine - There is truth in wine! And the truth is that this is the oldest grape variety in the world - Blue Kavčina/ Žametovka and as such it entered the Guinness Book of Records. A place that inspires and inspires, a place that everyone is happy to return to every time. The plant originated in the 1500s and then occupied the facade of the historic building. Located next to the Drava River, it is an exceptional tourist attraction and an unmissable stop for all visitors to Maribor.

The plant survived two world wars, various weather conditions, fire, disease - vine aphid that destroyed many European vineyards in those years, and these trees are still there. About 25 liters of wine are obtained from this vine, poured into small bottles, and given as gifts to important visitors of the old vine house. Bill Clinton received one of these bottles as a gift in 1999. The building itself houses a machi museum that tells the story of wines and the imposing plant.
Thanks to this vine, Maribor has become one of the most visited places in Slovenia, many wine cellars were founded on it throughout Slovenia.
As part of the Old House of Wine, you can visit the area intended for tasting, where the best wines from the region of Styria and Slovenia are stored. There is also a souvenir shop, and in addition to souvenirs, be sure to sell Slovenian chocolate, which tastes perfect and goes well with wine.

Wine tasting is around €5.70 per person and more
If you want to visit the house, you need to allocate around €15 (for a group of at least 5 pax).

Autor of the article:

Bojana Pantić - correspondent for the city of Maribor

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