The Marabou Park

The Marabou Park

Marabou Park is one of the most significant parks in Stockholm, and originally there used to be a factory that city authorities wanted to rearrange. Namely, the park was supposed to serve as a recreation park for the factory’s workers. The idea was expanded later on, so it was decided the park would be open for the public, and all visitors would use the park’s contents. Between 1937 and 1955, there were intensive efforts to restore that area, and architects Sven Hermelin and Inger Wedborn designed the gardens. Modern Marabou Park, open for the public, was created by the beginning of 1937.

In 2009, works began on building the underground art gallery in the eastern part of the park. The gallery was officially opened in October 2010, and there is also a popular restaurant. In the park there is a sculpture collection including the works of Leonard Baskin, Eric Grate, Ivar Johnsson and many other Scandinavian and world sculptors. The park manager at the time was closely interested in art, so he put effort for the park to get its own artistic beauty complemented with prestigious artistic sculptures. It is expected that both the park and gallery will get international importance and be recognized as nationally valued destination.

Author of the article:

Maja Glavaš, tour guide
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

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