The Tantolunden Park

The Tantolunden Park

Tantolunden is one of the biggest parks in downtown Stockholm. Tantolunden is one of the parks that was “made” by the then city gardener Alfred Medin. He was in charge of numerous green spaces in this city. The park was named the huge Tanto estate that used to be there.

Medin had an ambitious plan with serpentine passages and pedestrian lanes that would lead to the park’s highest point. In the very center he imagined something like a round-about with benches. The designed was inspired by romanticism. Simply, it was the time in which Sweden lived then – visitors came to park smartly dressed, ladies wore classy dresses, and they loved to spend time in nature. First trees were planted in 1896, and a playground was arranged in the western part in 1906.

Up until 1961 there were plays in the open in the park. In the eastern part there was a music pavilion with benches where visitors could sit. Ecologic and cultural association "Tantofolket" built and gifted the pavilion to the city of Stockholm in 1988.

During the World War I, following the general food shortage, the city of Stockholm leased the Tanto area (i.e. the park) to individual breeders. Among breeders, there were mostly workers from nearby sugar processing factory. The location on southern slope meant good growing conditions, but the whole area was supported by terraces (due to cascade terrain).

Nowadays, this is a crowded park, full of content for the young, but also for those who just want to real in nature without any activities.

Author of the article:

Maja Glavaš, tour guide
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

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