Buenos Aires:

Rent a Bike - Ecobici

Rent a Bike - Ecobici

Rent a Bike - Ecobici - Bicycles are a great way to go around Buenos Aires. Taking into account that the weather in the city is very pleasant throughout the year, the city is truly a great place to rent a bicycle to easily go around town and visit all of the tourist attractions quickly.

Bicycle renting fees for private renters are usually around 2 dollars per hour, and 15 dollars per day.

Bicycles can also be rented from the city itself, and these bicycles are called Ecobics. Renting places are available around town to ensure that you can easily and quickly rent a bicycle and travel in a healthy way no only for you, but for the entire planet as well.

The first 30 minutes of renting are free, but every next hour costs around 1 ARS. It is important to properly return your bicycle to prevent additional costs.
You can also rent a bicycle for less than half an hour, replacing it with another

photo credit: Leonardo Miranda

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