Buenos Aires:

The Trains

The Trains

Trains – If you want to travel to the suburbs of Buenos Aires, one of the possible ways to do so is by train. Some stations can also be used to travel around the city itself. Several train lines are available, which will take you to places outside of town which visitors often find interesting.

Train ticket prices for Mitre, Sarmiento and San Martin:

Regular ticket price: Mitre 12.25 ARS, Sarmiento 15.5 ARS, San Martin 18.5 ARS.
Train ticket to the coast: 42 ARS.
Train ticket for Roca: 12.25 ARS.
Train ticket for Belgrano Norte: 15.5 ARS
Train ticket for Urquiza: 13.25 ARS.
Train ticket for Belgrano Sur: 12.25 ARS.

photo credit: Matias Santana

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