Mostar's Cuisine

Mostar's Cuisine

The people from Mostar are great gourmands. If you have a friend, a family member or an acquaintance in Mostar, they will first take you to try  tasty "cevapcici" with onions as a side dish. Mostar is full of various restaurants which offer incredible meals so all visitors shall find something that suits their tastes best. Herzegovinians use various spices similar to hot sauces that are served with meat. It is important to point out that Herzegovinian cuisine, unlike Bosnian cuisine, consumes much more vegetables and meat, while Bosnians eat much more dough, such as delicious pies.

In Mostar, restaurants serve delicious fish as well as various types of cheese, some of which resemble parmesan. Cheese can also be purchased in markets and various shops. Veal, lamb, fish, chicken, then various types of vegetables, legumes, peas, beans, cabbage as well as fruits - that is indispensable. All these are familiar foods that are made in Mostar. Mostar is also known for incredible delicacies, but we must say that sweets are generally eaten less in Herzegovina than in the north of the country. The best restaurants are located on the path from Kujundžiluk towards the Old Bridge. The prices are really decent.

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