The old city bridge - Gamle Bybro

The old city bridge - Gamle Bybro

Bridges make cities special, as the Gamle Bybro makes Trondheim special. Gamle Bybro, as the Norwegians call the Old Town Bridge, is located on the Nidelva River. The bridge was designed in 1681 by local engineer Johan Caspar von Cicignon. The purpose of constructing the bridge was the creation of the secret passage from Trondheim to the Kristiansten fortress. It is very unusual and attractive for tourists. The bridge was originally built of wood, and over time the bridge was reconstructed into a more stable, firmer construction designed by engineer Carl Adolf Dahl. The gates of the bridge have become a major tourist attraction. You will especially enjoy the walk and the view of the fortress and wooden buildings in Bakklandet.

  • The bridge is 81 meters long.
  • The old city bridge is also known by the nickname "Likkens Portal", which means "Portal of Happiness".
  • Since 2016, the Gamle Bybro has been permanently closed to all motor vehicles.
  • It is included in the National Plan for the Protection of Roads, Bridges and Cultural Monuments Related to Roads.
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