Sri Lanka:

Millennium Elephant Foundation

Millennium Elephant Foundation

Millennium Elephant Foundation is a privately owned foundation that provides care, medical treatment, food and shelter for the elephants in Sri Lanka. During the tour visitors will be able to learn about elephants, their eating habits, their natural habitat, elephant’s behavior in the wildlife etc. A guide will wait for you at the entrance and will explain everything while showing you the most interesting facts about elephants in a small museum located at the entrance to the Millennium Elephant Foundation. Visitors will have the opportunity to feed the elephants, ride and even take a bath with elephants in a small river.

The admission ticket also covers the entrance to Maximus Elephant Dung Paper Factory, where high quality paper is being produced out of elephant’s manure. It is interesting to mention that this paper has very high export price and Sri Lanka mainly exports this paper to UK and France. Paper’s natural color is light brown. This factory used various colors to dye the paper.
The whole experience lasts for two to three hours.

Surprisingly enough one can have a direct contact with elephants and really enjoy feeding an elephant and giving them a bath. A word of warning for  our visitors : people who shepherd the elephants ask for tips for every activity that you do with animals. Thus, the guy who helps you give the elephants  a bath will ask for a tip, as well as the one who is leading the elephant during the elephant ride and so on.

The entrance ticket price for Millennium Elephant Foundation in Sri Lanka
The entrance ticket only is 1000 LRK per person. If visitors wish to ride an elephant for 200m then the ticket price is 2000 LRK per person. The ticket with longer elephant ride (400m) costs 3000 LRK per person.

The free entrance is reserved for children under 3 years old. Children from 14 to 12 years pay  half price.

Working hours of Millennium Elephant Foundation in Sri Lanka
Working hours of Millennium Elephant Foundation is every day from 08:30am to 4:00pm.

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