Sri Lanka:

Panoramic train ride from Kandy to Ella

Panoramic train ride from Kandy to Ella

Panoramic train ride from Kandy to Ella represents the most beautiful train ride in the world. Our visitors have certainly seen photos of this scenic train ride as if they had been used in many travel channels, travel agencies marketing campaigns, travel blogs and billboards all around the world.

Panoramic train ride in Sri Lanka is truly a wonderful experience and we would recommend our visitors to plan it as part of their trip. It is very important to mention that this train can be taken from Kandy, which is actually the easiest way because you just need to arrive to the train station of Kandy. The ride from Kandy to Ella lasts around 7 hours. Otherwise visitors can choose to catch the train from Nanu Oya train station. In this case they will see the most beautiful part of the ride, as it starts from this station and onwards, and the voyage is much shorter, it lasts approx. 4h.

The train will take you through the jungle of Sri Lanka, tea plantations for miles on end where you will be able to smell the tea aroma and see hosts of plantation workers. You will also be able to see many waterfalls and get to know the true beauty of Sri Lankan wildlife.
Visitors can choose to travel the first class, the second or the third.

(!) Please keep in mind that getting the tickets for the first class can really be difficult, especially if you plan to buy them one or two days in advance. The second- and third-class tickets are a bit easier to purchase but in high season in Sri Lanka (from December to March) it is recommended that you should book the tickets at least one week in advance. The train is really nice, especially the first class, however the third class will satisfy all requirements of a modest passenger on a budget  and you will also have the opportunity to meet the locals and exchange a few words with them. They are unusually polite and always smiling which is why every conversation seems to be leading to a positive experience.

The train doors are open during the entire ride which is great if visitors would like to make some wonderful photos. At literally every stop snack sellers will be flocking  to get on board the train offering fruit portions, or delicious Sri Lankan and Indian specialties, such as small rice rolls with jam inside, fried doughnuts, fish balls and Chinese egg rolls. Feel free to buy these snacks as they truly are delicious and at reasonable prices as well.

The price for the panoramic train ride from Kandy to Ella
First class price is 1200 LRK per person
Second class price is 120 LRK
Third class price is 80 LRK
(!) Please keep in mind that if you did not pre-book the seats in the second and third class you will have to “elbow your way through the crowds” for a seat. If you enter the train in Kandy you are far more likely to find available seats. If you enter the train in Nanu Oya station, most probably you will have to stand for four hours till you reach Ella.

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