The Schönbrunn Zoo

The Schönbrunn Zoo

The Schonbrunn Zoo is located next to the Schonbrunn Palace and is for sure the most popular and most visited Viennese zoo. It is the oldest one, established in 1752, and it is the oldest zoo in the whole world. Although it is the oldest one, it is the most modern zoo, as well, and as many as 4 times has it been declared to be the best zoo in Europe.This zoo takes up to 17 hectares, and the animals who live here feel at home. After the Berlin Park, which is visited by 3 million people a year, this one is the most visited in Europe.

Maria Theresa’s husband insisted that a zoo should be opened here. In 1779, the garden was opened for the public, and since then, the entrance hasn’t been charged. During both world wars, the garden was almost completely destroyed, but it was renovated completely again.

In 1828, this zoo got its first giraffe, so the fashion in Vienna adapted to it, since, on the streets of Vienna back then you could see clothing items, hairstyles and different artwork with the motifs of this animal. Around 500 animals live in this garden, and this zoo can pride itself on being the home of some very rare species that cannot be found in many European and world zoos.

There are also some gigantic pandas and koalas here, which are the greatest attraction for visitors. Every day at 16h, you can watch how koalas are fed. Visitors are not allowed to feed the animals. There are restaurants and cafes here and even 9 fountains. This zoo has its place on UNESCO World Heritage List.

Author of the aricle

Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

photo credit: Dusan Veverkolog

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