The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower

Clock Tower - There are many incorrect, that is, unaccepted rumors about who first built the Clock Tower, and one of them is that it was Ibrahim Šarić in 1636, ie his wife Fatima as Ibrahim's endowment. The rumor is based on the fact that Ibrahim ordered that 3 akca be given to the repair that takes care of the clock on the tower, and that one akca be spent daily on oil and another needed to maintain the clock on it.

Alija Rizvanbegović, the Vizier of Mostar, ordered a bell for the tower from the Dalmatian governor in Zadar in 1838. The bell weighed 468 pounds (1 pound = 453.59 grams). In 1892, the municipal authorities ordered the clock to tick. The clock was ticking until 1926, when it broke and was never repaired. During World War II in 1943, the clock fell on the west house next door. In 1945 the door to the tower was walled up and the tower was closed. The bell from the bell tower was removed for war purposes due to the need for iron of the Austro-Hungarian government in 1917.

After the Civil War, the bell tower was named the Clock Tower and was renovated in 1999. The clock mechanism is not in function and in 2004 it was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The clock tower has the shape of a prism. The old bell tower is made of crushed stone and the roof is in the shape of a pyramid. A stone protrusion appears along the entire façade. There is an internal staircase in the tower. It is illuminated by three narrow openings on the south façade and the entrance is a single wooden door. The door jamb has the appearance of four prisms. The tower has another entrance on the west facade. It used to have a religious purpose, then it served as a residential building and today it has survived in a dilapidated condition. The tower is 16 meters high and is square in shape.

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