Restaurant Čompa

Restaurant Čompa

If you are looking for a good barbecue and fresh meat prepared with a lot of attention and culinary knowledge, then Restaurant Čompa is a great choice for you. One of the favorites of the locals, located near the old town. The beautiful atmosphere that reigns in the old streets, makes this place even more attractive. Restaurant "Čompa" is a real local restaurant, in the Slovenian way. Čompa's excellent chefs are considered the best in Slovenia, they consider them experts in their work when it comes to preparing meat and meat dishes.

The menu in this restaurant is not too rich, and that suits the visitors, because they don't have to spend a lot of time looking for what to taste, but order what is on offer, knowing that it is good and tasty. This restaurant is based on serving dinner only. The atmosphere is relaxed, homely and the service is top notch. The interior of the restaurant is of the "inn" type, decorated with wood, where it is allowed to dine at the bar, where each guest at the bar receives a tasting from the chef on his recommendation. In addition to excellently prepared and served meat, the best red wines are served here, which go well with the most delicious barbecue. The interior of the restaurant is very unusual. The guest feels as if he is on a mountain, while dinner is good food and drinking red wine, and yet he is in town. The chairs and tables are made of wood, and the walls are made of red bricks. The best place in town for a friendly or family dinner. The proctor itself is not large, so it is very possible to make lifelong friends here.

So it is in places where one eats and drinks well.

Whoever visits Compa once, will return!
Prices are also more than affordable. Cold appetizers range from 6.00 euros. Main courses from € 12, and desserts from € 4.50

Reservation in the restaurant "Compa" is mandatory.
Working hours from 19h to 01h.

Author of the article:

Bojana Pantić - our correspondent for Ljubljana

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