TaBar restaurant

TaBar restaurant

TaBar is a restaurant where you will enjoy good food, excellent wines and you will be surrounded by happy people and the atmosphere will be relaxed in a very pleasant environment. "The most exciting cuisine in Ljubljana and a wonderful place to get to know the variety of Slovenian wines." - Falstaff.

This is a restaurant where tapas inspired by Slovenia are eaten. It is on the list of the world's 50 best tapas restaurants-bars. It is known that there is love, where there is good cuisine, and this is exactly the principle by which this restaurant works is "LOVE". A love of food, of ingredients, a love of local products, a love of fresh and healthy ingredients And finally a love of work that they do with great dedication.

The most interesting thing is that here we do not serve very large portions on one plate, but a couple of plates with small portions, because it is a way to enjoy the phenomenal flavors and to taste as many dishes as possible. Of course, at the request of the guest, it is possible to order large portions and enjoy only one type of dish. In addition to being delicious, the plate in the TaBar is decorative and looks like a work of art.

Even the New York Times wrote about this restaurant: "TaBar has a cult follower, who poured into his candlelit courtyard."
Jakob Pintar is the chef and head chef, a mentor to many young generations who see food and cooking unusual dishes as art. The smile on the faces of the guests is what gives the best rating to TaBar. As we mentioned above that love is the direction in which this restaurant is run, this is the place that can be ideal for all couples in love who strive for a romantic, and at the same time warm and relaxed atmosphere.

It is recommended that when visiting this restaurant, you trust the chef on the recommendation of the dish and that you must drink some good wine from their wine list. The wines are excellent, domestic production and are considered the best in Slovenia. Here they enjoy all the senses and nothing can disturb them.

The restaurant does not deliver, nor do "takeaway meals".
Prices range from € 6 to € 10 for main courses, up to € 5.50 for dessert.
Working hours: from 12.00h to 00.00h

Author of the article:

Bojana Pantić - our correspondent for Ljubljana

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