Buenos Aires:

The Matambre Arrollado

The Matambre Arrollado

Matambre Arrollado is a name for meat rolls. Cuts of beef coming from beneath the ribs of a cow are used to prepare this very tasty dish. Though it may sound funny that only Argentina uses this cut of meat for this dish, while the rest of the world uses flank steak to make it, there is a reason for this. The section that the Argentines use is low in fat, which makes it perfect for grilling. However, the matambre arrollado doesn’t only consist of meat. Mixed vegetables, boiled eggs, olives, olive oil, peppers and spices are added, and garlic is often included into the mix.

Even though this dish is often served as an entrée, it can be a full meal because it is sure to satisfy your hunger, and restaurants in Argentina serve different variations of this dish.

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