What to visit in Prague

What to visit in Prague

Often, visitors have problems deciding what to visit in Prague. Prague is a city of beautiful architecture, bridges and towers, a city of a long history and numerous tourist sights that contribute to the unique experience of the visitors. Often, while walking down its streets, it is easy to get lost in thoughts and enjoy the fairytale that each visitor lives on their own.
Keep in mind that due to the lack of space, some incredible museums and tourist attractions are located a bit away from the city center. Most tourists are not acquainted with all the things this magnificent city has to offer and therefore stay in the city center and walk down the beaten tourist trails, along which the prices are tailored specifically for these customers. Therefore, do not succumb to the fear of the unknown, let go, take a deep breath and experience Prague as it deserves to be visited.

Tourist sights in Prague
Apart from the Prague Castle, Astronomical clock and Charles Bridge, this city of wonders has so much more to offer to its visitors. By just visiting these attractions you will be able to tell the same stories as most tourists on their way back home, but wait a minute, take a look at Prague’s attractions, decide which ones are to your liking and create your own personalized tour of the city.

Astronomical Clock in Prague

The Astronomical Clock of Prague is maybe the best known tourist attraction of the city. It is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world, whose dials are a masterpiece of engineering. The dials show the dusk, dawn, the movement of the Sun and Moon, visible star conciliations and offer three different presentations of time. When the clock strikes the hour, a performance starts, entertaining numerous tourists in the crowded square in front of the clock.

Charles Bridge in Prague

Walking down this bridge may seem almost as walking back into the past. Charles Bridge connects Prague’s Castle and the Old City of Prague and it is a perfect chance to enjoy a pleasant walk and a beautiful view on the Vltava River, the Old Town and Prague’s Castle. As in many other cities it is believed that if you touch one of the statues on this bridge and make a wish, your wish will come true.

Castle in Prague

Not many tourists visit Prague without visiting the magnificent castle of the city. It is an enormous castle that has been dominating Prague’s skyline for centuries and is considered the largest ancient castle in the world. This castle is the seat of Czech presidents, preserves Czech crown jewels, but also keeps numerous stories that make this castle an irresistible destination for visitors. Apart from the largest and most important Czech cathedral - St Vitus Cathedral, here visitors will be able to enjoy the visit to the multiple museums within the castle walls.

Prague Zoo

It is not a coincidence that Prague’s Zoo is repeatedly ranked as one of the top 10 zoos in the world. Is it enough to mention that this zoo occupies the area of 58 hectares, hosts 4,800 animals or 70 species, or that there is a cable car that connects two levels of the zoo? Also, there is an effort to educate visitors about the presence of animals in different cultures in the world, therefore building a Mongolian tent next to the pavilion with horses or an Indian temple next to the pavilion with elephants.

Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague

Saint Vitus Cathedral is a building that can be seen from almost anywhere in Prague. The sheer size of this building is so impressive that all other buildings of the Prague’s Castle (the largest castle in the world) seem insignificant. Despite the fact that the construction of this cathedral lasted for six centuries, the overall result is simply astonishing. The entrance to the small part of the cathedral is FREE of charge, while the complete visit requires one of the cumulative tickets for visiting the museums of the castle.

National Monument on Vitkov hill

A little bit away from the city center there is a colossal statue of Jan Žižka, a general of the Hussite movement against the Papacy. Behind the largest statue of a horseback rider in the world there is a building in which there is a monument to the Unknown Soldier and an area that was to be a mausoleum of the first Czech president. However, eventually the mummified body of the communist leader Klement Gottwald was exhibited here.

Petrin Tower in Prague

For the purpose of the Jubilee Exhibition in 1891, a modest copy of the Eiffel tower in Paris was constructed here on Petrin Hill. At first it was used as an observation tower, later as the broadband transmitter and finally it was decided to start reconstruction works and to bring the tower to its original state. The tower offers one of the best views on Prague, Prague’s Castle and the surrounding area.

Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Just across the square from the Astronomical Clock there is the Church of Our Lady before Týn which, with its two towers and unique architectural features, draws the attention of numerous visitors. However, due to the fact that its main façade is hidden behind other buildings, not many tourist visit it, nevertheless the entrance is FREE of charge.

Powder Tower in Prague

Built as an impressive entrance to the city, the Powder Tower served as a place to gather customs from merchants and as a symbol of royal authority. This tower marked the starting point of all coronation processions, which would take place in the Prague’s Castle. Today, it is possible to climb in the tower and enjoy the view on the Old Town of Prague.

Troja Castle in Prague

Troja castle or Troja Villa is a beautiful building right across the street from the main entrance to the Prague’s Zoo. The interiors of the building are covered in breathtaking frescoes, since the count who constructed it traveled extensively across Europe and wanted to transfer a piece of Rome to his homeland. Also, the visit to the well-maintained gardens of the villa is completely free of charge.

Museums in Prague
There are numerous art galleries and museums in Prague. These museums cover vast areas of interests: Czech history and culture, most well-known Czech and international artists, musicians, the development of Czech technology, the history of Prague, but also the cultures of some distant countries.

National Museum in Prague

The National Museum in Prague is located in a magnificent building, right in the center of the city. However, due to the reconstruction works, a part of the immense collection is moved to the nearby building. Even though the temporary exhibition space was never envisioned for a museum, the overall experience is still excellent and the museum is definitely worth visiting.

Strahov Library in Prague

Strahov library is a magnificent library that some even consider the best tourist attraction of the city. As it is a bit away from the city center, it often stays hidden from the eyes of tourists. The library consists of two beautiful halls called the Theological Hall and the Philosophical Hall. No one will stay indifferent in front of a fascinating collection of books and fresco-painted ceilings, even though the libraries can be observed only through the open doors on one side of the structure.

Museums and Monuments of Prague's Castle

Within the walls of the Prague’s Castle there are 10 attractions (museums, art galleries, monuments) that deserve an article of their own. With one of the cumulative tickets offered by the castle, you will be able to see some or all of the attractions of this castle. A visit to the Golden Lain, Old Royal Palace and the whole of the St Vitus Cathedral are just some of the attractions that Prague’s Castle has to offer.

National Gallery in Prague

Standing outside the building of the Trade Fair palace in Prague, no one can imagine what awaits them after they enter the door of the gallery. The typical “communist” architecture of the building with straight lines hides the beautiful open space interior. In this gallery you may enjoy the works of some of the most well-known Czech artists, as well as some of the best-known international artists (Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Klimt).

National museum of Technology in Prague

The Museum of technology in Prague is an enormous museum that hosts an incredible number of objects, all of which tell a story of technological progress in a specific area of human activity, emphasizing the progress that happened in the Czech Republic. You will also be able to see old cars, bikes, motorcycles, astronomical instruments, printing machines, household appliances etc., but also to learn about mining and metallurgy.

Army museum Žižkov in Prague

Army Museum in Prague is an incredible place. It is divided into three sections that deal with the period of the First World War, the period between the two wars and the period of the Second World War. Visitors will have a chance to see the uniforms and arms from this period, but also to learn about these bloody conflicts and the terrors they caused. The entrance is completely FREE of charge.

Jewish Museum in Prague

Jewish museum in Prague is actually a number of synagogues, exhibitions and other attractions mostly located in different buildings. It is an important attraction of Prague, visited by numerous tourists each year. However, since the prices vary significantly, before visiting take a look at the photos in order to decide if all or just some of these attractions are to your tastes.

Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia

Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia offers both temporary and permanent exhibitions with religious art as the main theme in a beautiful monastery complex. The permanent exhibition is devoted to medieval art, mostly with religious motifs, while the temporary ones will have different themes. Even those that have little interest in religious art may find this huge exhibition area and its content very interesting.

Kinsky Palace in Prague

Kinský Palace is a museum located in the center of the city, just across the square from the Astronomical clock and is dedicated to the art of Asia. It offers a unique collection of art pieces from Asia and it is a rare one in the whole Central and Easter Europe region that exhibits art object from these faraway cultures.

The City of Prague Museum

Most people fall in love with the city of Prague at first sight. However, in order to learn more about iz, you should visit the City of Prague Museum. It tells a story of the city of Prague from the period of prehistory and its first inhabitants, covers the arrival of Slavs, Medieval and Baroque period in Prague, all till the modern era and the beginning of the 19th century.

Stone Bell House in Prague

Stone Bell House in Prague is a historically important building, which is a gallery under the management of Prague City Gallery, dedicated exclusively to temporary exhibitions. The building in which the exhibitions are held is one of the surviving buildings in Prague from the 13th century. The building is a masterpiece itself and if you find interesting the exhibition on program do not miss to visit it.

Mirror maze on Petrin Hill

This Mirror Maze is located on Petrin Hill in Prague, next to the well-known Petrin Tower. It is quite a small mirror maze and during the summer periods it can be really crowded, but it can also be a lot of fun. Usually, you need to wait in line in order to get in front of one of just 15 distorting mirrors. Nevertheless, it can be lots of fun, especially if you are in a good company or maybe seeing these mirrors for the first time.

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