Sri Lanka:

What to visit in Sri Lanka

What to visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is considered to be a true paradise island and one of the Asian nature miracles. However, visitors often seem unable to decide what to visit in Sri Lanka, as this island is very big and it offers many attractions, historical temples, picture perfect caves, paradise beaches, tea factories, spice gardens etc. In order to help our visitors plan their trip better we have made the list of attractions that they should not miss out on once they arrive to Sri Lanka:
There is a plethora of tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. One of the most fascinating attractions are the following:

Panoramic train ride to Ella
This is considered to be the most beautiful train ride in the world. The train will take you through the jungle of Sri Lanka, tea plantations for miles on end where you will be able to smell the tea aroma and see hosts of plantation workers. You will also be able to see many waterfalls and get to know the true beauty of Sri Lankan wildlife. The ride lasts from 4h to 7h, depending.

Yala Safari Park
Yala is a national park in Sri Lanka. Our visitors may enjoy its wildlife here.Yala covers the territory of 130.000 hectares. Yala Park abounds in forests, prairies and lagoons located close to the Indian Ocean coast. Who says that safari is exclusively the provenance of Kenya? We can assure you that you will enjoy Yala and safari in this park, which will make you feel as if you were in the heart of Africa. Here visitors will be able to see lepards, elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, 130 bird spices etc.

Adam’s Peak
Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada is one of the highest peaks in Sri Lanka, with its 2, 243m. For Sri Lankans this is a holy place and an important pilgrimage site. According to the Sri Lankan legend Buddha visited Sri Lanka in 550 BC putting his right foot in the northern royal city Anuradhapura and his left foot on the top of Sri Pada mountain. This place has religious significance for Hindu people, who that footprint belongs to Lord Shiva but for Christians as well, who claim that the footprint is Adam’s first step after having been exiled from the Garden of Eden. There are approx. 5000 to 6000 steps of climbing till they reach the peak.

Sinharaja rainforest
Sinharaja is a tropical rainforest, spread over 11187 hectares. Sinharaja is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites which has kept this rain forest untouched for the last century. The forest has unique ecological diversity where visitors may see over 280 bird species (as many as 30 species are endemic), of insect species, of mammals such as the purple faced langur monkey, leopards and elephants.

Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory
What makes a visit to this factory very interesting is the fact that visitors have the opportunity to see the entire process of making the Ceylon tea. The process starts from the tea harvest to the final step when the tea is located in huge sacks ready to be picked up for an auction.

Spice Gardens in Sri Lanka
Spice gardens are quite numerous in Sri Lanka. One may find them n part of the island. The reason is rather simple. Visitors can see the plants and smell the fragrance of numerous spices and herbs that they had no opportunity to see and feel before.

Temples in Sri Lanka
Temples are truly magnificent in Sri Lanka. They represent holy places by pigrims from all over the world. The most important temples are:

Sigiriya, the Lion Rock temple
Sigiriya, the Lion Rock temple is one of the most beautiful and most visited temples in Sri Lanka. This used to be royal capital of the island during the reign of ing Kassapa. Since the temple is located at the top of the rock, and there are over 1200 stairs that lead to the top, visitors usually early in the morning. In this way they can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise on the island.

The temple of the Tooth
The temple is truly beautiful and every visitor may feel the inner this . Bddha’s tooth is preserved in this temple and this temple is considered to be . There a wonderful story to this temple and arrival of dha’s tooth to Sri Lanka.

The Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla
The Golden Cave Temple in Dambulla was built in the first century BC. This has been the center of pilgrimage for Buddhists and Hindus for more thn 20 centuries. The temple consists of 5 caves and 157 statues of Buddha in various sizes, forms and postures. The most statue is a 15-meter-high reclining Buddha that our visitors should not miss.The ceiling inside of the temple is covered with amazing 2000 year old murals that portray the life of Buddha.

Pidurangala Cave and Rock Temple
Pidurangala Cave and Rock Temple is a rock formation located just a few kilometers fromSigiriya. Pidurangala is often overlooked as this temple is a bit smaller than the Lion’s Rock and it is more difficult to climb. Pidurangala was formed by volcanic activity. The temple was home to all manner of monks who used to live in the cave for more thn 2500 years.

Beaches in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is famous for its incredible sandy beaches, turquoise water, wond waves for an ideal surfing experienc and coral reefs convenient for snorkeling. Beaches in Sri Lanka are truly breathtaking, mainly located in the southern and eastern shore.

Polhena beach
Polhena beach is the most romantic beach in Sri Lanka. This small beach is mainly with locals who love to swim here since there are no huge waves. Polhena beach is located only 2 km from Matara city and offers a romantic for couples who would like to from other beaches. It is important to mention that there is coral reef nearby, so this is also ideal place for snorkeling.

Hikkaduwa beach
Hikkaduwa beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. This beach the one you see on postcards and tour commercials. It abounds in gold-like sand and arguably the most popular coral reefs in the world. One may find several diving clubs there or go rogue and run rampant by choosing to snorkel away on their own.

Mirissa beach
Mirissa beach is located in the south of Sri Lanka. With breathtakingly beautiful glittering gold sand this beach represents a true tropical paradise for its visitors. Locals say that here one may see the most beautiful sunrises sunsets on the island. All guest houses are located a bit away from the beach which gives an impression as if you were located right in the mid of a desert beach dotted with cute little coconut trees. This is a complete stress free zone of Sri Lanka.

Tangalle beach
Tangalle Beach in Sri Lanka is truly one of the most beautiful beaches of this island. Here visitors may enjoy a long sandy beach with unbelievabl turquoise water. Seems like a paradise? It really is. This is also a perfect place if one is looking for a quiand peaceful place to stay. Tangalle was actually a small fishing village in the past.

Trincomalee beach and the Pigeon island
The most famous beach in Trincomalee area is Nilaveli beach. It is characterized by wonderfully white sand and peace and quiet. There are almost no tourists on this beach. Locals usually come to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon. This oasis is guaranteed to be a place to get away from it all whereas the Pigeon island is actually made of two small islands that were used by British soldiers in colonial age as a range for their feats of marksmanship.

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